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What would a musician know about alternative healing you might ask?  Well, I have been interested in self help and self healing for a number of years and in particular what is now commonly referred to as “energy medicine”.  It was as though I was being drawn along a long trajectory of self healing arts.  Along the way I have learned Reiki, Thought Field Therapy, Quantum Touch and EFT, Matrix Energetics and studied non dual consciousness.  Recently I completed a Certificate in Intuitive Life Coaching with King Mastery Institute.  All to know more about the connection between awareness and mind body and also because the subject absolutely continues to intrigue me. I suffered from acute stress at the height of promotions for “Martha’s Vineyard” when we signed with rooArt/Polygram which I didn’t know at all how to handle, I only wish I had the knowledge I do now, it could have saved me alot of grief. Of course the journey is as it is and as it unfolds so no need to regret.  In fact I consider I have become incredibly enriched by all I have learned and it sure makes me look at life very very differently.

Discovering The Healing Codes

I wasn’t actually looking for anything, but there it was on my computer screen and immediately my curiosity was tweaked.  Hmm, this looks weird and wonderful I thought.  Can it really be authentic?  I went through all the information on Dr Alex Loyd’s website and listened to as many conference calls and watched the online videos before jumping in. On this page I am offering a free pdf download for those of you interested to know how to use a wonderful tool called the Peace Healing Code, from Dr Alex Loyd’s Healing Codes 12 Code system to relieve stress and heal what he terms the pictures of the heart.  If you want download the-healing-codes-report-2016 or keep reading for more information and background on the codes.

“Setting your sights on inner peace”

With an energy healing toolkit now The Healing Codes is the method I go to  first and foremost as it is elegant and powerful for easing pain, assisting the gastro-intestinal system to heal itself and relieving stress or anxiety, fear, phobias or even panic attacks.  To the uninitiated this could seem far fetched or even impossible yet I have experienced the benefits of The Healing Codes and the peace codes first hand.  When you learn the protocol and hand positions it quickly becomes second nature.  Please keep reading and I’ll fill in some background about the philosophy and science behind energy medicine and in particular The Healing Codes.


We Know that Stress Kills – But how do we Really Relax?

Stanford University Medical School studies plus numerous health experts report that the number one killer on the planet is stress. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (CDC) an estimated 80% of all health care dollars are spent on illnesses related to stress. Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton in his own research (see www.brucelipton.com) found that 95% of all illness occurs from stress in the body’s autonomic nervous system.  Clearly we are at a critical point in our collective understanding about stress and it implications to our overall health.  As an individual you, just as I have done with this tool can easily take your health, now quite literally into our own hands.

You can Dissolve the effects of erroneous beliefs and feel the benefits quickly

With stress at an all time high as a society and a species it’s clear humanity could benefit from a whole new approach to every day living.  What if we simply made the decision today to make a shift in our perspective and attention? What if we could operate more from an internal awareness rather than looking outside for cues and answers to emotional and ultimately physical problems?

We can implement numerous alternative healing tools to support and orient us during this “awakening” and the healing codes in particular right now the peace code allows for harmonisation of the body, mind and heart.   Simply by being aware and conscious of our thoughts and how they make us “feel” we can utilise the peace codes when needed.  This practise is a literal re- patterning from unconscious reaction to a more conscious way of responding.  Implementing the peace codes in the moment makes deep transformation possible for anyone using them.   No build up, no physical repercussions down the track.  All feelings of stress unless detached from at the moment they arise add to the build up in the body of negative charge. This is basic and something I first learned years ago in Vipassana meditation.  But if you don’t have 10 consecutive days you can take off to do a free course, then read on because this here is another way.

Heal pictures of the heart


Dr Alex Loyd proclaims that The Healing Codes can release negative emotion, a negative memory, belief or a physical symptom.  For example a person who is insecure about carrying just a few extra kilos might hold the belief that “I am so fat and everyone is thinking how awful I look”.  But that is just a thought, with no real basis in fact.  A subjective belief as others may not even be paying any attention to the way they look. Some may prefer a little extra padding.  They might have other things completely on their minds.  The negative belief in the person’s mind however will cause them to feel uncomfortable, self conscious and defensive and it might follow that any interactions or glances from others will most likely cause them to interpret them as being ill willed or negative toward them, whether or not they are so intended.  Consequently their whole day may be affected by their state of mind.  Likewise the belief another insecure person might have is that “I suck at everything” will cause them to feel clumsy and unbalanced in fact then causing them to not perform the best that they could at any given task.  Their unbalanced thoughts create worse case scenario.


Top recommendation for self healing toolbox

The examples above are rather simplifed to the extreme but sometimes we hold thoughts or reactions in our sub-conscious minds that are not so easy to detect.  How then do we know if we are holding a deeper seated wrong belief?  How do we finally live more freely?  We need to be willing to let go of who we “think” we are.   For often we have become so accustomed to identifying with our thoughts and our moods even to the point of frustration.  Speaking about myself here.  But here we have our very important clue.  Well, we are in fact very fortunate to have an incredibly accurate internal guidance system called our emotions. We simply need to learn to detach and act accordingly to what we “feel”.  If we feel “low”, angry, depressed, jealous etc it’s a message from our internal guidance system that there is an unconscious belief we are holding which is untrue regarding our actual being.  Inner peace is our birthright and using energy medicine can turn us onto a path of further self discovery.  The Institute of Heart Math in California has given us hopeful news indicating that when we remove stress the genes themselves will often heal.peggy-van-zalm

The Healing Codes Dissolve Destructive Images

Healing Codes which were discovered by Dr Alex Loyd in answer to his deep inquiry for a solution for his wife’s acute, longstanding depression.  Her case was quite remarkable.  For after applying the Healing Code technology her depression lifted literally within minutes.  He then began trialing the technique on other clients in his Psychology Practise and found they were also helped.  Remarkably his clients started telling him about other physical ailments that were being healed spontaneously along with their psychological issues.

How Does One Do a Healing Code?

Simply put the healing energy in the form of using ones own finger tips (bio-energy) directed at four unique healing centres of the body is used by The Healing Codes to heal different unhealthy beliefs and images which are  held in the cellular memory. In this manner a Healing Code allows the body to begin its own healing by changing the underlying destructive energy pattern or frequency of a destructive image to a healthy one. 

You can Get yourself a free report on how to do the Peace Healing Codes complete with diagrams right now to dissolve stress and create more inner peace simply by emailing me or grab the-healing-codes-report-2016 here.

Hope this post was of interest and you found it helpful for yourself or someone you care for.

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