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It is so easy to get seduced by the beautiful mesmeration, the world of appearances of doing and deeds.

The world of action and circumstance and why not it is for the joy of experience that we have arrived here.

So whether the experience is accompanied by pleasure (which we grasp onto but which we know will end) or as it often goes, the other aspect of this duality play – pain and suffering which we resist in the belief of its reality, yet which also passes.

Reality it has been said by the seers, is what does NOT change.


“Truth is simple and open to all. Why do you complicate? Truth is loving and lovable. It includes all, accepts all, purifies all. It is untruth that is difficult and a source of trouble. It always wants, expects, demands. Being false, it is empty, always in search of confirmation and reassurance. It is afraid of and avoids enquiry. It identifies itself with any support, however weak and momentary. Whatever it gets, it loses and asks for more. Therefore put no faith in the conscious. Nothing you can see, feel, or think is so. Even sin and virtue, merit and demerit are not what they appear. ” –Nisargadatta Maharaj