“music for self discovery”

From the very beginning of writing music the impulse for me was to experience some resolution or at least in hindsight some kind of a catharsis as I had nobody close in whom I felt I could confide, or who in the very least would understand what I was feeling or going through.  So the music was my very intimate consort.  I still feel this is true. These songs and expressions are a link to some place that knows peace, that is essentially already peaceful at the very core – whether or not they become tunes that are played for audiences other than myself.

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In fact, as much as I deeply appreciate my listeners and musical supporters, the practise of music is completely selfish – in the most magnanamous way.

Take the song “unravelling” for example.  Written in a time of inner turmoil and deep questioning, the lyrics came through without any self analysis nor self consciousness.  The words were true to the emotion or energy present which was ripe to be unleashed and the narrative could later be described as the tale of alienation and undoing.  I had no clue what my purpose in life should be, I was searching so deeply for an answer, for a direction home, for a sense of belonging.  The beauty of this personal story is that the song was born into the nurturing arms of musical colleagues and became embellished and arranged and ultimately found a larger audience who could relate and resonate with it.  It was brilliant performing this song with “Martha’s Vineyard” in Perth and later with my cousin Ger Schaefer in Holland, who also took it to heart and helped connect it to others who may then also find a trigger or a pulse to find some connection in themselves.

So paradoxically and I love paradox as it exemplifies everything about non duality itself in this dualistic material world, the seed emotion resembling mental anguish and despair bears the lush fruit of camaraderie and even celebration.  Yes, this is music for self discovery.  All things are transitory ultimately as the pendulum swinveiled detailgs from pain to pleasure it will again oscillate ad infinitum, yet the inner peace point is what we are, the eye in the storm – and ever this twain, as non duality not even one – we are the meeting itself.

. . . in summation I say of course words never can be the thing and the music as vibration, as tones and beyond as the energy itself in expression always fresh in this moment is the beauty, so so beautiful . . .beyond language. . . we ourselves are that music



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