“in truth we’re so entwined”

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I’ve always thought music is a special artform and vibration that can connect, carry and transform us.


I was rather annoyed for a moment when I lost my last blog due to a glitch but its given me the opportunity to reinvent my music page so I will run with it. Appologies to my subscribers for any confusion  – and I hope to have a more interactive space for music fans and our particular community with the advent of this site and a renewed enthusiasm to nurture the potential that is in affinity with the love of this life that is natural and divine which is our  actual natural state. Certainly these are interesting times to be alive and present on this amazing planet. The world appears to be in chaos and yet we are the peace itself in the eye of the storm.

Yes, I’m excited to be amalgamating my non-duality blog with my latest official Peggy van Zalm MUSIC site and will be posting more music related posts and embellishing on pages for each of my albums that have been released over the years since I embarked on music as my main creative expression.  I have been upping the ante on my facebook music page already over the last couple of weeks so if you are interested to come see/listen in and I also invite you to please come join the conversation!



Recently I’ve had the thought that the challenge it seems is not so much in the understanding of who/what we are for that is never in question. . . mostly we are confused when there is the falling into identification with the persona or image and beliefs of who we “think” we are.  Yet this is the most  natural thing as  it is the intended game of life.
Nothing wrong, no one is more advanced or living more correctly because even if we think somehow one way is more preferable.  Again its the thinking and beliefs taking charge and colouring our experience.  All of it is allowed.  None of it is better or worse, yet when we have recognised our true natural state, that awareness begins to peel away the false beliefs.  This is the unfolding or the embodiment phase which happens gradually.  I’m resonating with this statement from Ananta Kranti:

“The way you meet yourself is the way you meet the world.”hearts-and-diamond1

All that is moving in this world is the life essence appearing as all things, yet who we really are is not a thing. We appear to have a choice, yet whose choice is it? I love the mystery and the fact we can never know the true source as an intellectual understanding.  The paradox is all we are conditioned to believe about ourselves – all emotion, all thought, all circumstances is only what appears as reality to the mind.  Wanna try something?

Here’s a pointer from Sailor Bob Adamson. When you close your eyes and open them again what is the first thing you see?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The first thing you see is “space”. Yet the mind will always go to the content of space, to things it can see. Yet the space is there first and it is mostly overlooked. Yet this spaciousness is the undercurrent of all that is manifest and suffuses all manifestation. This space is actually no thing, yet it not a void, that is it is full of all of everything.
Confused yet?

Never mind.

Ha Ha literally, the mind will not understand this. Being knows already what it is. You cannot negate your being. Without this vital life essence the body/mind could not appear.


peggy-van-zalmSo, anyway this is where my attention has been on this subject for apparently as long as I’ve been living in the rainforest community here in NSW and for as long as I can remember.  Music is still my companion and its also the messenger of this subject and has been instructing me it seems in subtle and beautiful ways. The music is the love affair even as the season of life is progressing. I am planning some new recordings in the coming months and in the meantime I am presenting the catalogue of songs that have accompanied me up until now. So I hope you will enjoy the virtual show here on my new blog and at the above link. Please join in the conversation if you wish, as it will truly be appreciated and will assist in what is being asked of me, to make this space more for everyone and to expand in the investigation and the unfolding of clarity.
I’ve always thought music is a special artform and vibration that can connect, carry and transform us.
What do you think? What’s your take on this, what’s your particular experience that you may wish to share here.

Thanks for reading and for being here. I look forward to this space taking on its own life and character.



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Peter Mullany, Helen Knight, Geoff Nant, Peggy van Zalm

“Entwined” featuring on electric guitar:Peter Mullany, bass: Helen Knight, drums: Geoff Nant and me on guitar/vox Peggy van Zalm

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